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VMware Backup Software from NAKIVO

Advanced Protection
for VMware Environments

Faster VMware
Faster incremental VM backups with integrated native CBT, LAN-free data transfers, Network Acceleration and more
Lower TCO
Invest in an all-inclusive solution to lower your overall costs by up to 60% and decrease storage space consumption
Recovery Options
for VMware
Instant recovery of files and app objects, instant VM boot, instant P2V, full VM recovery, cross-platform recovery, recovery to replica (failover), etc.

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Everything You Need for
VMware Backup and Recovery

Advanced Virtual Machine Backup

Agentless backups using VMware’s native snapshot technology and advanced integrations for more efficient and reliable data protection.

Fast Backup

Fast Backup

The NAKIVO backup software for VMware relies on native VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for faster tracking and of changed data blocks during incremental, application-consistent backups.

Consistent Backup Data

Consistent Backup Data

Enable application-aware mode to ensure that backup data for different apps (Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, etc.) and databases is transactionally consistent and can be recovered swiftly.

Multiple Backup Destinations

Multiple Backup Destinations

Eliminate a single point of failure by sending VMware backups to cloud storage (Amazon S3, Wasabi, Azure Blob, Backblaze B2) and other S3-compatible storage platforms, other offsite targets and tape.

Instant Backup Verification

Instant Backup Verification

Verify that VMware vSphere backups are valid and usable for recovery operations by setting up automated and instant verification.

Built-in Replication

Built-in Replication

Create replicas from source VMs or from backups to ensure better availability and operational continuity in case of failures.

Ensure Ransomware Resilience

Multiple anti-ransomware protection measures to strengthen resilience and ensure successful recoveries after incidents.

Immutable Backups

Immutable Backups

Send backups to ransomware-proof immutable repositories whether in local storage, in public clouds or on S3-compatible storage platforms.

Backup Malware Scan

Backup Malware Scan

Scan backup data for malware before proceeding with recovery to ensure clean recoveries and prevent a ransomware infection from spreading to your production environment.

Air-Gapped Backups

Air-Gapped Backups

Use detachable media including tape and keep them offline to create air-gapped backups that are protected from ransomware and other malware.

Instant Recovery for Near-Zero RTOs and RPOs

Achieve the lowest objectives with instant recovery options with instant operational and disaster recovery options.

Instant Granular Recovery

Instant Granular Recovery

Restore individual files and application objects with all permissions to their original location or to a new machine.

Flash VM Boot

Flash VM Boot

Instantly boot full VMs ready for use from VMware backups to resume your operations within minutes and completely restore the VMs to production if needed.

Cross-Platform VM Recovery

Cross-Platform VM Recovery

Recover VMs between different virtualization platforms: restore Microsoft Hyper-V VMs as VMware vSphere VMs and vice versa.

Physical-to-Virtual Recovery

Physical-to-Virtual Recovery

Instantly boot physical Windows and Linux machines from backups as VMware vSphere VMs with no downtime. Restore VMs to your production environment for permanent use.

Automated Failover

Automated Failover

Use VMware VM replicas to easily automate failover operations and instantly restore your VMs at a different location to meet the strictest recovery objectives.

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Managed Data Protection Services for VMware

Managed Data Protection

NAKIVO Integrations for More Efficient Data Protection

NAS Devices

NAS Devices

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage

Deduplication Appliances

Deduplication Appliances


  • Perpetual and subscription licenses
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Create automated disaster recovery workflows to ensure high availability. During incidents, automatically launch failover workflows to replicas stored on the primary or secondary site and minimize downtime and data loss.
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Analyze and improve resource distribution within your environment to maintain optimal performance of VMware VMs and datastores.
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Real-Time ReplicationBETA

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Customer Testimonials

Colorado Denver
80% less storage space usage

I don’t worry about failed VM backups anymore because the solution is reliable. I can recover VMware VMs within 10 minutes. Flash VM Boot helps us to maintain 24/7 availability.

Matt Mitchell,
Web Developer
Read more
99% faster recovery

With granular recovery, we can restore files in just a few minutes, while previously it would have taken us hours to restore the entire VM that held it.

Krister Laag,
Read more
SoftNAS Inc.
75% lower backup costs

We save more than 50% on VMware backup and additionally 25% in storage space costs with better deduplication, lowering our backup expenses by 75% overall.

Rick Braddy,
Read more
European Respiratory Society
5 hours less for RTO

It takes an 1.5 hours to back up 4 TB of data. Using the global data deduplication feature helps us save approximately 3 TB in disk space.

Stéphane Dupasquier,
IT Director
Read more
4X better performance
3X lower costs

We improved VM backup performance by at least 4X, as well as we no longer have to deal with failed backup jobs.

Erik Voerman,
System Engineer
Read more
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NAKIVO Backup for VMware solution brief
for VMware
solution brief
VMware vSphere
Backup: Top 10 best practices
Best Practices for Ransomware Protection and Recovery


How to start with NAKIVO Backup & Replication?

Follow the steps below to start using NAKIVO Backup & Replication:

  1. Download the NAKIVO Free Trial by choosing the right installer for your IT infrastructure and run the installation.
  2. Log in and open the initial configuration wizard.
  3. Complete the first steps with NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Now you can start protecting your VMware environment. You can also visit our Help Center in case you have any questions.

How does the NAKIVO solution work?

NAKIVO Backup & Replication creates image-based and agentless backups of VMware virtual machines. You don’t need to install any software inside the VM guest OS or VM hosts. The native Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology allows you to run faster incremental backups after an initial full backup and minimize backup windows.

The NAKIVO solution also delivers complete virtual server backup and recovery for vCenter-managed and standalone ESXi workloads.

You can set backups to run automatically and store backup copies onsite, offsite, in the cloud, in S3-compatible storage or on tape.

What types of VMware backup does NAKIVO Backup & Replication support?

The NAKIVO solution provides different backup options for VMware:

  • Incremental with full backup (default)
  • Forever incremental

When you choose the forever incremental option, you can use the Global Deduplication feature to ensure that only unique data is stored in a backup repository regardless of the source of that data.

What are the VMware vSphere backup best practices?

The following best practices can help you improve your data protection strategy and reduce the risk of data loss:

  • Follow the 3-2-1 rule: Eliminate a single point of failure by creating three (3) backup copies, storing them in two (2) different storage media and keeping one (1) copy offsite.
  • Perform regular backups: Run incremental and application-aware backups to minimize data loss and ensure data consistency.
  • Protect against ransomware: Enable immutability for locally-stored or cloud backups to prevent data modification or deletion. Implement additional security measures such as encryption and role-based access control.
  • Verify your backups: Check the recoverability of your backups using boot verification or screenshot verification.