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Get Started Fast
Faster than anything you have tried

It takes 1 click and under 60 seconds to install your new VM backup and replication solution. The rest of the product is that simple as well: because the Free Edition is user-friendly and intuitive, you are already an expert.

With the Free Edition, you just need a few seconds to create a new backup job and protect your live running VMs. The backup includes all VM disks and configuration files; you have everything you need for a full recovery.

Back Up and Replicate
Locally, remotely, and to the cloud

The Free Edition contains all the features and functionality of the Pro Edition, with a limit of ten machines. You can create backups and replicas of live running VMs, whether to make a copy before changing a VM, save data for long-term storage, or prevent unintentional data loss before decommissioning a VM.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication supports the transactional consistency of live applications and databases, such as Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, or Microsoft SQL. You can back up locally over LAN, remotely over WAN, and even to AWS or Azure cloud storage solutions, thus keeping your important backups offsite, out of harm's reach.

China Airlines

"NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an outstanding product that offers great features and does not break the budget. The product saved 35% of our management time and reduced our VMware backup budget by 30%."

Stivan Chou, China Airlines Representative

Park Inn Hotel

"NAKIVO Backup & Replication turned out to be perfect for us: the product proved to deliver fast and reliable VM backups, saved storage space with deduplication and compression, and improved VM recovery time."

Roland Kalijurand, IT Manager at the Radisson Park Inn Hotel

University of Maryland

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a steady product that does its job without constant monitoring and controlling. Basically, NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides me with peace of mind."

Andrew Arensburger, IT Manager at CSCAMM, the University of Maryland

Region Blekinge

"With NAKIVO Backup & Replication on NAS, we were able to reduce our recovery time objective from a full day to a few minutes."

Oliver Sachse, IT Technician at Region Blekinge

Boise Cascade

"NAKIVO’s fast VM backup and VM replication keep our critical VMs running at all times. If VMware VMs were to fail, we would only need a couple of minutes to recover with VM failover and failback."

Noel Peden, Applications Development Supervisor at Boise Cascade

Charlotte Radiology

"NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides us with ultimate speed, performance, and granularity, and eliminates the need to purchase any add-ons for cloud integration."

Tony Maynard, Manager of Information Technology at Charlotte Radiology

Save Storage Space
Built-in features are there to help

The amount of data that you manage increases on a daily basis, as do your backups, taking up expensive space and resources that would be better used for production. To reduce backup size, the Free Edition of NAKIVO Backup & Replication automatically skips swap data; these unnecessary files are not read, processed, transferred and stored in the backup repository. To further reduce backup size, the Free Edition automatically deduplicates data across the entire backup repository, keeping only unique blocks of data. The deduplicated blocks are then compressed to reduce the space they consume even further. Combined, these data reduction technologies result in up to 30X less storage space needed for your VM backup data. The backups occupy minimal storage, but can be instantly booted when you need to recover data.

Instantly Recover What You Need
At any time, and from anywhere

With Free Edition’s web interface, you can manage all aspects of data protection at any time and from anywhere – even from a mobile device. Built specifically for virtualized environments, NAKIVO Backup & Replication Free Edition is designed to instantly recover your VMs, files, and application objects (Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, or SQL) as efficiently as possible. Should you need your VMs back, you can recover near-instantly, minimizing any disruptions to your business.

Copy and Migrate VMs
Quickly, easily, in all directions

NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s Free Edition enables you to migrate and copy VMs between hosts or storage devices, even if they are located on standalone hosts, managed by different vCenter servers, or not connected.

Deploy the Way You Want

Windows. Linux. VMware VA. AWS AMI. NAS

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Get a Wide Range of Advantages

Protection of Your VMs

Complete Protection

Native, agentless, image-based, application-aware backup and replication for VMware, Hyper-V, or AWS environments

Higher VM Backup Speed<

Higher VM Backup Speed

Incremental backup with CBT/RCT, LAN-free data transfer, network acceleration; up to 2X performance when installed on NAS

Smaller VM Backup Size<

Smaller VM Backup Size

Exclusion of swap data, global deduplication, variable backup compression

Guaranteed Recovery

Guaranteed Recovery

Instant backup verification with screenshots of test-recovered VMs; backup copy offsite or to the cloud

Shorter Recovery Time

Shorter Recovery Time

Instant recovery of VMs, files, Exchange objects, MS SQL objects, Active Directory objects; DR with VM replicas

Easy Management

Easy Management

Intuitive web interface to manage all aspects of data protection anywhere, anytime – even on the go from a mobile device

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The Free Edition of NAKIVO Backup & Replication is absolutely free for 1 year! The Free Edition includes a license for 10 machines.

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