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  • 15 days of free data protection
  • Centralized administration of all clients
  • Up to 1,000 isolated tenants
  • Multiplatform support
  • Disaster recovery orchestration

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NAKIVO MSP Console: The Best Choice for BaaS and DRaaS

Fast, affordable and top-rated data protection via a unified MSP Console for all your clients.

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What You Get with NAKIVO’s MSP Console

Powerful Multi-Tenancy

Powerful Multi-Tenancy

Easily manage the data protection activities of all types of clients from a unified MSP Console. You can create local tenants and assign NAKIVO solution resources to protect their environments or you can add clients with their own solution licenses as remote tenants.

Flexible Self-Service Portal

Flexible Self-Service Portal

Grant clients view-only privileges to BaaS/DRaaS activities or create local admin roles, shifting the backup, replication, and recovery tasks to local admins. This way clients can manage data protection and recover objects, files or machines themselves.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect

Connect to the remote resources of your clients via a direct port connection. Direct Connect gives you access to tenant backup repositories, production workloads, etc. without the need for a VPN connection.

VMware Cloud Director Backup

VMware Cloud Director Backup

When allocating VMware Cloud Director resources to clients, you can back up Cloud Director objects, such as vApps and individual VMs (including vApp metadata) and ensure that your clients’ remote workloads are recoverable when needed.

Data Protection Automation

Data Protection Automation

Automate data protection activities to ensure compliance with retention policies and streamline administration. Apply policy-based rules and use the Job Chaining feature for backup and replication.

Site Recovery

Site Recovery

Built-in replication and Site Recovery capabilities to automate and orchestrate disaster recovery workflows. Automated disaster recovery testing to ensure short recovery objectives.

Install Anywhere

Install on Windows

One-click Windows installation

Install on Linux

Single-command Linux deployment

Deploy as VA

Pre-configured VMware
vSphere or Nutanix AHV VA

Deploy as AMI

Pre-configured Amazon Machine Image

Deploy on NAS

Flexible installation of NAS devices

What Service Providers Say About NAKIVO


With multi-tenancy, we ultimately deliver BaaS, DRaaS and RaaS for VMware and Hyper-V VM environments more efficiently and cost-effectively to our customers.

Pekka Rasi, CTO at EverTech
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Armstrong Labs

Simply has the right mix of features, pricing, and usability for both us and our clients.

Andrew Armstrong, Owner of Armstrong Labs
Read more

A perfect fit for both clients and cloud service providers. Multi-tenancy enables deploying and managing clients from a single pane of glass, while each client has access to only their own backups, and can instantly recover files, Exchange objects, and VMs without our assistance.

Marco Musolesi, CIO at eLogic
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American Datacenters

The team found the multi-tenant version of NAKIVO Backup & Replication to be the most feature-rich, intuitive, and far and away the easiest solution to implement and support.

Michael Marchuk, Senior Technical Director at American Datacenters
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NAKIVO’s multi-tenancy and self-service have saved Systemec more than 20% in operational data protection and cloud services costs.

Marco Teelen, Manager of Internet Services at Systemec
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Cloud Direct

With the help of VM replication, we managed to cut RPOs and RTOs from days to hours – in some cases even to less than an hour.

Rhys Evans, Technical Consultant at Cloud Direct
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Are there any limitations when I use Free Trial?

No. You can use all the features of NAKIVO Backup & Replication, including all MSP Console capabilities, for 15 days without any restrictions in capacity. After the Free Trial expires, all features become inactive until you change the license.

Do I need to submit credit card information to start the Free Trial?

No. Just fill the Free Trial form and you will be redirected to a page with all the available installers for different deployment options.

Can I extend the trial period?

Yes, it’s possible to extend the trial period beyond 15 days on request. To do so, contact our sales team.

Can I manage clients with NAKIVO Backup & Replication installed in their infrastructure from my own dashboard?

Yes. You monitor and manage customers with their own NAKIVO licenses from the same MSP Console where you manage BaaS and DRaaS activities. You can add up to 1,000 clients.