Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery with the NAKIVO Solution

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers native integration with the built-in Oracle RMAN backup functionality, to streamline the management of backup and recovery of databases from a unified console.

✔ Streamline administration
✔ Centralize data protection
✔ Automation options
✔ Starting at $165 per database


Leading Brands Trust NAKIVO


Oracle Backup and Recovery Software via RMAN


Unified View

Manage Oracle RMAN backup and recovery from a single pane of glass


Reliable Oracle Recovery

Ensure Oracle database recovery from the product’s intuitive interface


Oracle RMAN Integration

Leverages native RMAN backup and recovery for ultimate DB protection


Advanced Automation

Automate Oracle backup and recovery with the solution’s scheduling feature


Simplified Administration

Simple Oracle RMAN backup administration whatever the DB size or level of expertise


High Performance

Eliminate the complexity of Oracle RMAN scripting for easier backups and recovery

Why Use NAKIVO’s Solution for Oracle RMAN Backup

Simplified Oracle Backup Administration

Take advantage of centralized management of Oracle RMAN backup activities. Even with minimum Oracle expertise, you can perform database backup jobs, monitor performance and verify completion directly from the NAKIVO solution interface.

This way, you no longer have to go through cumbersome and time-consuming Oracle RMAN scripting on each database. Prompt Oracle RMAN backup jobs with just a click of a mouse for fast and efficient backups.

simplified oracle backup

Tight Integration with Oracle RMAN Backup

The NAKIVO solution leverages native Oracle backup tools for maximum efficiency. The Oracle RMAN backup and recovery functionality is simple and straightforward.

Our solution sends a command to RMAN and RMAN, in turn, performs the required operation. This way, you can make use of advanced RMAN database protection capabilities and address various security concerns specific to the Oracle platform.

Improved RTO and RPO

In the event of a database failure, every minute of downtime incurs serious damage to your business. With the NAKIVO backup software for Oracle you no longer need to run complex Oracle RMAN scripts.

The solution takes care of recovery activities, reducing management complexity and saving you precious time. Restore the database you need in no time to achieve the lowest RTOs and RPOs possible.

Smooth Oracle Recovery

Once the database fails or gets corrupted, you risk losing mission-critical data and undermining the operational efficiency of your business. NAKIVO Backup & Replication can help you instantly discover any Oracle database from the the solution web-based interface and restore the necessary database directly from existing Oracle RMAN backups.

This allows you to roll back an entire Oracle database to a specific point in time to undo changes or recover from unexpected data loss.

Advanced Oracle RMAN Backup Scheduling

Protect Oracle databases with backup job scheduling. NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to automate Oracle RMAN backups by setting your backup jobs to run on demand or according to a schedule.

What’s more, the Calendar dashboard functionality provides a bird’s-eye view of all your data protection tasks, including Oracle RMAN backups. Organize your database backup jobs to eliminate possible job overlaps, minimize network load and optimize protection of the Oracle environment.

advanced oracle backup

User-Friendly Web Interface

Manage and monitor protection of Oracle environments on the go from the NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s web-based interface.

Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the product’s interface can be accessed at any time and from anywhere — even from a mobile device. With such centralized visibility, you can streamline Oracle RMAN backup and recovery activities and significantly reduce management overhead.

Pricing for the Oracle backup solution from NAKIVO

Starting at $165 per database with the Enterprise Plus Edition only.

Available in two licensing options:

Perpetual licensing: The price is calculated per database. Payment is charged once, and you can use the solution indefinitely. Includes one year of Standard Support for access to tech support via email, phone, or built-in chat during business hours.
Subscription licensing for Oracle database backup and recovery: The price is calculated monthly per database. Includes one year of 24/7 Support.

See Pricing and Editions for more information.

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oracle backup trial

Why Download the Free Trial

  • Efficient Oracle backup. Simplify Oracle RMAN backup and recovery without resorting to complex scripting.
  • Easy installation. Flexible installation options on Linux, Windows, NAS, etc.
  • Support for different infrastructures. Back up virtual, physical, cloud, SaaS as well as Oracle Database via RMAN from a single pane of glass.
  • Web-based interface. Friendly interface that can accessed from anywhere with easy-to-use wizards.
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