Real-Time ReplicationBETA
for VMware

The ​​​​Real-Time VM ReplicationBETA for VMware feature from NAKIVO allows you to create an exact copy of your virtual machines (VMs) and continuously update this copy as changes are made to the original VM. The replica can be quickly activated in the event of a disaster to ensure the availability of critical applications and the resilience of IT systems.

  • RPO as low as 1 second
  • Instant failover to replica
  • Uptime and availability

Reliable Data Protection from NAKIVO


Resilient IT infrastructure

Transmit data in real time to a secondary site, which can immediately take over the role of the production server in case the primary site experiences an outage.

Business continuity and data availability

Maintain uptime, reduce the risk of data loss and ensure the availability of critical applications by creating a continuum of recovery points.

Risk-free data migration

Move virtual machines and all their associated data to a new data center, cloud provider or a more suitable environment without jeopardizing the integrity of your data.

Ensure Data Availability
with Real-Time ReplicationBETA

Minimize downtime with DR capabilities

Improve your recovery objectives

In case your primary site is down, you can instantly turn on your replicas to maintain critical services and minimize downtime with the shortest RTOs. Choose a point-in-time replica from a series of increments as low as 1 second apart. With such a short RPO, you can restore workloads to the point in time just before the disruption.

Implement robust disaster recovery

Integrate real-time replication in your disaster recovery strategy to ensure that your systems and applications are copied to a secondary site in real time. NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides built-in DR capabilities such as automated failover allowing you to instantly power on your replicas in case of a disruption or disaster.

Maintain business continuity with advanced DR capabilities

NAKIVO Customer Testimonials


“By creating VM replicas and storing them offsite, we ensure near-instant data recoverability in case of a disaster. If something major happens, we can immediately fail over from the source VM to the VM replica.”

Jay Newhouse, IT Director at DriverTech
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“VM replication jobs are extremely easy. All I need to do is select a VM and then select a target. VM replication saves time in terms of administration and costs.”

Deniz Selen, IT Director at MTM Security
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“If we were ever in a predicament, due to a failure of our virtual environment, we can easily use Site Recovery and swiftly failover/failback without any data loss.”

Nicholas Attai, Network Administrator and Security Engineer at Guardian Media
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“We have already taken advantage of VM replication. We create VM replicas and store them in our secondary location, so that if something happens to our primary office, we can instantly turn on the VM replicas offsite.”

Alex Martinez, Network Administrator at Zufall Health
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What is data replication?

Data replication simply means making an exact copy of a machine or data. The copy is stored in the same location as the source or in a remote data center. Replication provides tighter recovery time objectives (RTOs) when compared to backups.

With real-time (asynchronous) replication, you are able to minimize recovery point objectives (RPOs) as well as RTOs, as data is continuously copied, modified or deleted in the replica based on the changes in the source machine.

In other words, data replication allows you to minimize downtime and data loss in case of a disruptive event.

How do I start using NAKIVO Backup & Replication?

Download the full-featured Free Trial to start using the NAKIVO solution for 15 days, including Real-Time ReplicationBETA . Contact the sales department for more information on custom demos or personalized quotes.

What are the different types of replication?

There are several types of data replication, mainly:

  • Synchronous replication: All changes applied on the source machine are simultaneously implemented on the target VM. You cannot make new changes on the source VM before applying all previous ones on both source and target machines.
  • Asynchronous replication: Changes you make on the source VM are saved locally and transferred to the target machine gradually within the provided RPO (1 second to 1 hour).

Other types of replication are full/partial replication, transactional replication, snapshot replication and merge replication.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication performs asynchronous real-time replication allowing you to set your preferred recovery objectives.