NAKIVO Monitoring for VMware

Gain complete visibility into your VMware vSphere infrastructure with NAKIVO Monitoring for VMware. With this monitoring tool, optimize the performance of your virtual environment and proactively resolve issues. From a single pane of glass, monitor all the key metrics: CPU, RAM and disk usage of VMware vSphere hosts, VMs and datastores.


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Monitoring for VMware at a Glance

VMware Performance Management

VMware Performance Management

Track the performance of your virtualization resources for early detection of potential issues

Better Capacity Planning

Better Capacity Planning

Manage computational and storage resources available to your VMware vSphere hosts and VMs

Monitor Key Metrics

Monitor Key Metrics

Gain visibility into key metrics: physical and virtual CPU load/usage, virtual disk space usage and RAM load/usage

Better Visualization

Better Visualization

Pie and line charts for easy visualization of current metrics and of changes over time

Analyze Performance Trends

Analyze Performance Trends

Analyze the performance of your VMware vSphere VM environment over time

Avoid Hardware Bottlenecks

Avoid Hardware Bottlenecks

Predict and counter potential resource shortages to avoid VM performance degradation

Why Use NAKIVO Monitoring for VMware

Simpler VM Sprawl Control

The ease of creating VMs and constantly changing IT environments can lead to VM sprawl. Administrators can find it more difficult to manage resource allocation, physical resources, networking and data protection. With Monitoring for VMware, you can gain complete visibility into hosts, VMs and datastores to help you reduce virtual machine sprawl.

Resource Management

The VMware performance monitoring dashboard displays the resource usage data in real-time, allowing you to remain updated about the hardware resources used and available at any moment.
In addition, you can see the data about past resource usage and distribution by VMware vSphere VMs, hosts and datastores in the logs.

Improved Load Distribution

Analyze the monitored data to detect resource bottlenecks and remove them by distributing VM loads between VMware hosts. With Monitoring for VMware tools, you are better prepared to anticipate and counter hardware performance issues.

Centralized VMware vSphere Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring for VMware is the virtualization infrastructure performance management tool from NAKIVO. Monitor the hardware resources available to your VMware vSphere environment. From the convenience of a single dashboard, check CPU, RAM and disk usage for VMware vSphere hosts and VMs, as well as disk usage of datastores.

Precise Scalability Forecasting

With live VMware resource monitoring, you remain informed about the past and current hardware requirements of your VM infrastructure. Use detailed real-time and historical data on the performance of your environment to anticipate virtual or physical resources needed.

IT Monitoring for VMware Pricing

Starting at $1.10 per workload/month with a subscription license. 24/7 Support included.

Purchase either a perpetual license or a subscription license of NAKIVO Backup & Replication to monitor your VMware vSphere environment.

Subscription licenses are charged per workload, billed upfront and include full 24/7 tech support.

Perpetual licenses are charged per host CPU socket for indefinite use. One year of free Standard Support is included in every license to provide you with technical support via chat, phone, and email during business hours.

Refer to the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Pricing page for more information on licensing and editions.

VMware Monitoring Pricing
Get VMware Monitoring Free Trial

Try NAKIVO Monitoring for VMware for Free
15 days. No feature or capacity limitations

  • Fast deployment. Installation and setup of NAKIVO Backup & Replication take minutes, not hours.
  • All-in-one monitoring. Monitor real-time and historical data on CPU, RAM and disk usage of your VMware vSphere VMs from a single pane of glass.
  • Universal protection. Backup VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV virtual machines, Amazon EC2 instances, Microsoft and Linux physical servers / workstations, Microsoft 365 data, and Oracle Databases with one solution.
  • Backup data tiering. Store backups locally, offsite, in the cloud (Amazon S3, Wasabi and Microsoft Azure) or on tape.
  • Instant recovery. Recover entire VMs, separate files or application objects to their original or different destinations. Run VMs directly from backups with Flash VM Boot.
  • Site Recovery. Create disaster recovery workflows for failovers and failbacks. Test recovery workflows without disrupting the production environment.
  • Backup size reduction. Incremental backups, multiple backup compression levels and swap data exclusion help you save storage space.
  • Backup speed boost. Use LAN-Free Data Transfer and Network Acceleration to shorten backup windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAKIVO Monitoring for VMware?

Monitoring for VMware is the NAKIVO Backup & Replication tool for monitoring virtualization resources. This VMware performance monitoring tool allows you to manage CPU, RAM and disk usage of VMware vSphere hosts and VMs, as well as disk usage in datastores. The real-time and historical data is available in a single dashboard and can be accessed via the same web interface used for backup of VMware vSphere.

Can I try Monitoring for VMware for free?

Yes. Monitoring for VMware is available as part of the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Free Trial. This monitoring tool is also included in the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Free Edition.

How can I benefit from Monitoring for VMware?

With Monitoring for VMware from NAKIVO, you can gain complete visibility into your VMware vSphere infrastructure. The all-in-one monitoring tool enables you to track the performance of your virtual environment over time. Use the real-time and historical monitoring data to analyze performance trends, optimize resource usage, and forecast the need for infrastructure expansion.

How many VMs, hosts and datastores can I monitor with Monitoring for VMware from NAKIVO?

You can monitor up to 1,000 VMs, 100 hosts and 200 datastores from a single dashboard with a NAKIVO Backup & Replication subscription or perpetual license. For more information, refer to Pricing and Editions.

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