NAS Backup Solution from NAKIVO

  • Incremental backups
  • Backup copy offsite
  • Granular recovery
  • Simple scheduling
  • Starting at $2.50 per 500 GB/month

Boost Data Protection with NAKIVO’s
NAS Backup Software

Say no to ransoms

Enhanced data protection

Store NAS backups in local repositories or send copies offsite to ensure successful recovery even in the worst-case scenario.


Back up file shares hosted on NAS devices as well as Windows and Linux machines. Protect all or specific folders on file shares using NFS and SMB protocols.

Data archival

Optimize storage space consumption and customize retention policies for cost-efficient data archival.

All-in-one backup solution

Take advantage of NAS backup capabilities in any IT infrastructure. NAKIVO’s solution protects virtual, cloud, physical and SaaS workloads in one deployment.

for NAS Backup Solution from NAKIVO

  • From $2.50 per 500 GB/month of data
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Two license types to fit any budget
  • Industry-leading 24/7 tech support

NAS Backup Features

Incremental with full backups

Incremental with full backups

Run incremental backups using proprietary change tracking technology with periodic full backups on a pre-configured schedule to reduce storage space consumption.
Flexible retention

Flexible retention

Configure retention policies to rotate 4,000 backup recovery points on a regular basis. Custom retention settings ensure more efficient storage space consumption without retention gaps.
Backup copy

Backup copy

Easily create copies of your backups and send them offsite for the ultimate protection of your data.
File-level recovery

File-level recovery

Select individual files and folders from the NAS backup to restore to the location of your choice.
Multiple recovery options

Multiple recovery options

Recover data to a custom location on CIFS or NFS shares, send via email or download to a browser.
Effortless navigation

Effortless navigation

Use the search box to swiftly find needed files and folders directly in backups. Or use the navigation panel to browse for the files you want to recover.
Network encryption

Network encryption

Protect data with AES 256 encryption while transferring over the network.
Role-based access control

Role-based access control

Control who can access the backup solution and configurations. You can also restrict user permissions based on their roles.
Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Prevent unauthorized access to your backups and enhance the solution security.
Web interface

Web interface

Use an intuitive web-based management console to access the backup solution at any time and from any device.


Enhance your scheduling, automate routine tasks and minimize human errors with the Calendar dashboard.
Network acceleration

Network acceleration

Speed up data transfer over busy networks with advanced compression and traffic reduction techniques.


Easily integrate NAKIVO’s solution with third-party tools via HTTP API.
Nakivo backup

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What is the NAS backup solution from NAKIVO?

Backup software for NAS enables you to back up NAS file share data via CIFS/NFS protocols. The solution supports incremental backups to ensure the efficient use of system resources. You can back up file shares or individual files and folders in those shares to local repositories. Alternatively, you can store backup copies offsite to eliminate a single point of failure and reduce data archiving costs. When needed, easily restore file share data to a custom location, download in the browser or forward by email.

How does licensing work?

NAS backup is available in all editions of the NAKIVO solution. There are two license types that you can choose depending on your infrastructure requirements:

  • Perpetual license is charged per 1 TB of file share data for indefinite use. This license includes 1 year of free support during business hours.
  • Subscription license is charged per workload, which can be 500 GB of file share data, a virtual or physical machine, instance or Microsoft 365 user. This license includes free technical support 24/7.

Can I try NAKIVO’s solution for free?

Absolutely. You can download our Free Trial and try the solution without any feature or capacity limitations for 15 days. The solution is easy to install but if you need tailored configurations, request a free deployment session and our expert can install and configure everything for free.

Can I back up file shares on Windows and Linux machines?

Yes. With NAKIVO’s solution, you can back up file shares hosted on NAS devices, Windows and Linux machines via CIFS/NFS protocols (NFS 3.x, SMB 2.x, and SMB 3.x.)

Can I install NAKIVO’s solution on NAS?

Yes. You can install the solution on a NAS server to get an advanced NAS-based backup appliance. NAKIVO Backup & Replication supports the following devices:

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