The NAKIVO MSP Console gives you all the tools you need to deliver powerful backup and disaster recovery services to a large customer base. Protect your clients’ virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments with streamlined data protection workflows that deliver cost savings, reliability and efficiency. Centrally manage the remote environments of clients with standalone solution deployments and the tenants created in your multi-tenant deployment of NAKIVO Backup & Replication in a unified and intuitive web interface.


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MSP Console at a Glance


Centralized Management

Manage all clients from a single interface using a unified set of tools


Flexible Multi-Tenancy

Add up to 1,000 tenants to your solution deployment for a centralized view of all activities


Granular Control

Easily control and allocate the resources available in your data protection infrastructure

Deliver Powerful Data Protection Services with NAKIVO

Advanced Multi-Tenant Mode

Manage up to 1,000 isolated environments using a single NAKIVO Backup & Replication deployment. Add clients with their own licenses of the NAKIVO solution as remote tenants and easily monitor their activities. Additionally, add the environments of clients that need backup and DR services to your own deployment of NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Streamlined Resource Allocation

MSPs in multi-tenant deployments of the NAKIVO solution can efficiently allocate available data protection infrastructure resources to local tenants using the centralized management dashboard. These resources include hosts, clusters, VMs, backup repositories, Transporters, etc. MSP clients and their resources remain completely isolated from the data protection activities of other clients.

manage all clients from the NAKIVO MSP Console