Microsoft Office 365 and Data Protection: Risks in Shared Responsibility


Why Take Control of Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection

Many businesses have the misconception that they do not need to backup Microsoft Office 365 data because Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service with native replication. This mistake exposes businesses to data loss through accidental deletions, security threats and retention policy gaps. As a result, businesses may incur penalties for regulatory and legal noncompliance.

Understand the threats to Microsoft Office 365 business data and how to minimize their impact with our free white paper “Microsoft Office 365 and Data Protection: Risks in Shared Responsibility.”


This white paper covers

  • Data management and responsibility in the context of Microsoft Office 365
  • The definition of Microsoft’s “shared responsibility model”
  • Microsoft’s responsibilities for Microsoft Office 365:
  • infrastructure security and application availability
  • Businesses’ responsibilities for Microsoft Office 365: data backup and recovery
  • The dangers facing businesses that use Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 365 data protection with NAKIVO Backup & Replication


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