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Disaster Recovery: How to Avoid Downtime in 2023

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Published: March 14, 2023

Downtime is more than just an inconvenience. From critical data loss to potentially hefty financial losses and reputational damage, downtime can negatively impact various aspects of your organization.

Watch this NAKIVO webinar to discover how to assess your organization’s disaster recovery (DR) readiness, identify vulnerabilities and develop effective strategies to stay prepared for disasters in 2023.

What You’ll Learn
The 8 pillars of a comprehensive DR plan
Why and how to set up a remote DR site
How to fail-proof your DR procedures
Must-have tools in your DR arsenal

What it covers

  • Overview: Importance of DR planning in 2023
  • Checklist: From planning to execution
  • Scenarios: Onsite vs. offsite
  • Secrets: Expert tips to maximize uptime
  • Tools: Site Recovery capabilities
  • Case study: Lessons from a real DR story
  • Technical demo: Setting up DR workflows with NAKIVO
  • Q&A session: Exchanging knowledge and expertise