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Looking Ahead — Data Protection Trends and Forecasts for 2023

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Published: January 31, 2023

The data protection landscape is evolving and becoming more challenging to navigate as new threats continue to emerge. And with 2023 here, businesses have to start looking ahead to upcoming trends and develop plans to overcome the new challenges.

What to expect in 2023 and how do you stay ahead of emerging trends?
Watch NAKIVO’s webinar as we discuss the most important data protection trends that are going to shape businesses in 2023 and share our predictions for the domain of data backup in the upcoming year.

What it covers

  • Data Protection Trends
  • Continuous data protection (CDP)
  • Disaster recovery is the new reality
  • Cloud adoption and cost optimization
  • Immutable backup storage
  • Automation and machine learning
  • Multi-tiered storage: Beyond the 3-2-1 rule
  • Data Protection Predictions
  • Zero-trust architecture
  • Ransomware-as-a-service
  • Tape continues to thrive
  • Hybrid cloud storage
  • Green data storage
  • More restricted data governance
  • Q&A session