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Best Practices for
Windows Server Backup

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What is the best way to back up Windows server?

Windows server remains one of the most widely used digital infrastructure components, responsible for the integrity of critical data and uninterrupted performance.

However, servers fail for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s an outage or a ransomware attack. Sometimes it’s just wear and tear. Data also get lost or corrupted, whether due to user eros or malicious activity. Therefore, data protection and fast server recovery should be a top priority for businesses to avoid extended downtime periods or critical data and productivity loss.

This white paper provides a set of best practices for Windows server backup to ensure all data and operations are recoverable in an emergency. Learn how to build responsive and robust data protection and recovery strategy and keep it up-to-date against the ever-evolving threats. These best practices are versatile enough to work with an IT infrastructure of any size and complexity without inflating the cybersecurity budget.

This white paper covers

This white paper covers:

  • Why is fast recovery essential?
  • Continue working while recovering
  • Best practices for Windows Server backup
    • Ensure sufficient space
    • Diversify storage
    • Define backup window
    • Ensure successful backup of server state
    • Test your backups
    • Protect backup data
    • Keep it simple
  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication: Advanced Windows Server Backup Solution


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