Getting Hyper-V
Backups Right

by Storage Switzerland


Take Your Hyper-V Data Protection to New Levels

Virtualization enables you to create dozens of virtual machines with just a few clicks. But the simpler this process becomes and the more machines you have, the higher risk that backups can fall outside of the company’s attention. Today, when the number of cyberattacks is at a record high, this can lead to data loss and eventually to lost revenue and customers.

Modern backup solutions allow you to configure and automate the whole data protection process with minimum effort and time. But even though performing Microsoft Hyper-V backups is not hard, the backup strategy requires some forethought. And this is where our e-book can come in handy. Written by Storage Switzerland, a leading analyst firm focused on data storage and protection, this e-book provides everything you need to know to ensure reliable data protection and allocate your resources better.

This white paper covers

This e-book covers:

  • The advantages of modern Hyper-V backup practices over legacy solutions
  • Why back up Hyper-V VMs to cloud
  • How to optimize backup operations in line with the 3-2-1 rule
  • The significance of having a comprehensive Hyper-V DR Plan:
    • What your DR plan should include
    • How to protect your organization from disaster-related damage
  • The dangers of ransomware: How to protect your organization from attackers


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