White Paper:

Disaster Recovery Planning
Handbook and Templates

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Create an effective disaster recovery plan for your organization.

No matter how big or small your organization is, it’s essential to plan for the worst.

Preparing your organization for a disaster or extended downtime and taking steps to ensure a swift recovery is called disaster recovery (DR) planning. Unfortunately, creating an effective DR plan is not always easy, particularly for small businesses and start-ups.

This white paper provides a collection of templates and sample procedures to help you develop an effective DR plan for your organization. Download this step-by-step guide to disaster-proof your organization and ensure infrastructure and applications continue to operate when a major outage hits.

This white paper covers

This white paper covers:

  • Disaster Recovery Checklist
  • Disaster Preparedness Templates
    • Risk Register
    • Disaster Recovery Teams and Responsibilities
    • Disaster Recovery Call Tree
    • Notification Network Template
    • Application Profile
    • Inventory Profile
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
    • Emergency Response Procedures
    • Backup Operation Procedures
    • Recovery Actions Procedures
  • Disaster Recovery Best Practices


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