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AWS Backup
and EBS Snapshot:
Key Differences Explained

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AWS Snapshots vs Backups – They’re Not the Same

Although the terms AWS snapshots and backups are often used interchangeably, they are two different ways of protecting data in the Amazon cloud.

An AWS snapshot is just a point-in-time copy of an Amazon EBS volume for an EC2 instance with limited storage and recovery options.

An AWS EC2 backup is a more comprehensive and flexible copy of your cloud workloads, offering reliable protection and ensuring fast and consistent recovery.

Relying on snapshots instead of backups is a complex and costly solution that limits your possibilities and drains your resources. Understanding the difference between AWS snapshots and true backups and introducing a reliable backup solution into your cloud infrastructure can help you save up to 4 times on backup storage costs while improving data security and reliability.

Download this white paper to get more information about the key differences between EBS volume snapshots in AWS and fully-functional backups created with a dedicated solution like NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

AWS Snapshots vs Backups – They’re Not the Same
This white paper covers:

This white paper covers:

  • Key Definitions
    • What Is an EBS Snapshot?
    • What Is Backup?
    • What Is Replication?
  • Key differences:
    • Backup vs. EBS Snapshots
    • Replication vs. EBS Snapshots
    • Backup vs. Replication
  • EBS Snapshots vs. AWS Backup: Which One to Choose?
    • Maximizing storage savings
    • Eliminating single points of failure
    • Increasing ransomware resilience
    • Ensuring successful recovery


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