White Papers

White Paper: legacy backup

Outdated legacy backup solutions still use agents to protect virtual machines and cannot fully meet backup and recovery needs of your virtual and cloud environments. Read this white paper and learn about 21 benefits you can get if you switch to a modern native backup solution. TCO reduction of up to 50%, guaranteed recoverability, and less time spent on backup administration are just a few examples.

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White paper: RTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the amount of time it takes your environment to return to a normal operation after a disaster or failure. RTO is one of the key parameters used in data protection and disaster recovery planning. This white paper will give you guidelines for calculating RTO based on your specific business needs and recommend possible improvements in case your established RTO doesn’t work.

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White Paper: AWS Snapshot vs. Backup

Snapshots of EBS volumes in AWS are often confused with real backups. However, these are two different ways to protect data in the Amazon cloud. Read this white paper to learn about the major differences between these two technologies and advantages of using backups instead of AWS snapshots, such as 4X reduction of your data storage costs, reduced backup administration time, and improved security of your data.

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