Free VMware VCP-DCV vSphere 7 Study Guide from NAKIVO


Download Your Free VCP-DCV vSphere 7 Study Guide

The virtualization industry is moving forward quickly, and the best way to keep track is to ensure that you continuously enhance your IT skills and pass certification exams. As a leader in virtualization software, VMware offers the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to implement, manage and troubleshoot vSphere infrastructures through the VCP-DCV vSphere 7 certification exam.

Our free VMware VCP-DCV vSphere 7 Study Guide is specifically designed to help you get VMware certified and increase your job prospects. This Study Guide mainly focuses on VMware vSphere 7 installation, configuration and management processes.

Our Free VMware VCP-DCV vSphere 7 Study Guide Covers

Our Free VMware VCP-DCV vSphere 7 Study Guide Covers:

  • Identifies the prerequisites for and components of a vSphere implementation, storage access protocols for vSphere (NFS, iSCSI, SAN, etc.), basic VMware vSAN 7 requirements, etc.
  • Describes vCenter Server Topologies, Storage Policies, instant clone architecture, ESXi Cluster Concepts, etc.
  • Lays out the difference between vSphere Network I/O Control (NIOC) and vSphere Storage I/O Control (SIOC)
  • Demonstrates how to manage Networking on Multiple Hosts and Network I/O Control (NIOC) with vSphere Distributed Switch, Storage (datastores, storage policies, etc.), host profiles, etc.
  • Explains how to set up vCenter identity sources, Content Libraries, etc.
  • Describes how to configure single sign-on (SSO) domain, VSS advanced virtual networking options, Identity Federation, Active Directory integration, etc.
  • And many other vSphere-related topics!


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