NAKIVO Primer on Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention


Take Action on Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Make no mistake: Microsoft 365 offers a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries and sectors. And to keep the benefits coming, companies should be on the lookout for Microsoft 365 data safety threats. External threats to data safety emanate from phishing and business email compromise, ransomware and malware. Internal data safety threats are brought about by pawns and turncloaks. There are also ever-present threats of accidental data deletion and retention policy gaps.

If not properly addressed, Microsoft 365 data safety threats can manifest in a series of devastating data loss incidents that can put your company at risk. This is precisely the reason why you should take action on your Microsoft 365 data protection. And our free eBook is a great place to start.


This eBook covers

  • Microsoft Office 365 Data Safety and Compliance Vulnerabilities
  • The Shared Responsibility Model
  • Microsoft Office 365 Built-in Data Retention and Recovery Functionality
  • The Cost of Data Loss
  • Addressing the Data Safety and Compliance Vulnerabilities of Microsoft Office 365
  • Key Points and Recommendations


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