Microsoft Office 365 Backup Best Practices

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Secure Your Microsoft Office 365 Data with the Three Pillars of Data Protection

Microsoft’s Office 365 is one of the most popular subscription services used by businesses worldwide. The flipside of this popularity is that it’s a highly attractive target for hackers. Whether it’s the result of ransomware or accidental deletions, data loss can have major consequences for organizations, from financial losses and plummeting stock value to damaged reputation and customer turnover.

Even when your data resides in the cloud run by Microsoft, you are still responsible for the integrity of your data. This white paper helps you understand your role in securing cloud data under Microsoft’s “shared responsibility model”. The paper covers the three pillars of data protection: securing your SaaS data, educating employees about external threats and creating frequent backups.

This white paper covers

  • Causes and consequences of data loss in Microsoft Office 365
  • The three pillars of data protection
    • Security
      • Native tools by Microsoft
      • Third-party solutions
    • Education
      • Awareness training
      • Cross-department collaboration
      • Employee engagement
    • Protection
      • Backups
      • Flexible retention policies
      • Granular recovery
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