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for Hosting, Managed Service, and Cloud Providers

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NAKIVO offers service provider-grade data protection for VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV environments.

Designed for hosting providers, MSPs, and CSPs, NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows for the delivery of top-notch BaaS, RaaS, and DRaaS.

Take Advantage of NAKIVO Cloud-Enabling Features


Designed for service providers and enterprises, Multi-Tenancy provides the opportunity to create isolated tenants (for clients or business units) within a single instance of NAKIVO Backup & Replication. Thus, service providers and enterprises can protect multiple clients from a single interface, while keeping their databases separate.


In the Multi-Tenant mode, service providers can grant their tenant clients view-only privileges to data protection jobs, or create local admin roles, shifting the backup, replication, and recovery tasks to the local tenant admins. This way, clients can recover files and VMs themselves without the service provider’s assistance.

Intuitive Web UI

NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s simplicity and ease of use have always been among our key differentiators. Our intuitive web interface can be mastered in a matter of minutes, which means you no longer have to spend countless days training users to operate new backup software.

Dynamic License Allocation

NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows for the distribution of licenses among tenants (clients) from a single licensing pool. Simply add more licenses for a tenant as you go, or return unused licenses back to the license pool.

Advanced Architecture

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a modular solution which can be installed on a single Windows or Linux machine to support small and mid-size workloads, in addition to scaling out with your business to support a large multi-site deployment with 16,000+ VMs.

Why Join NAKIVO Cloud Provider Program?

Low TCO and the Highest Margins

Low TCO and the Highest Margins

Available at an SMB-friendly price, NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers multiple deployment options and an enterprise-grade set of features that can satisfy your needs and those of your customers. Get the most out of our software for your business for as long as your license is active, with no hidden or additional costs.

Flexible Licensing Model

Flexible Licensing Model

For qualified Cloud Providers, the product can be licensed on a per-socket perpetual or per-VM monthly rental basis. By choosing the per-VM licensing model, you can increase or decrease the number of licensed VMs once per month and never overpay.

Flexibility of Choice with NAKIVO Cloud Editions

Flexibility of Choice with NAKIVO Cloud Editions

NAKIVO Backup & Replication for CSPs is available in two editions – Enterprise and Pro. While both include a set of features to provide reliable VM protection, the Enterprise edition has an additional scope of advanced functionality suitable for larger companies.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication at a Glance

NAKIVO Backup & Replication at a Glance

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyProtect VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyDeploy as a VMware VA or AWS AMI, install on Windows, Linux and NAS

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyPut data protection tasks on auto-pilot with backup policies

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyBoost backup speed with LAN-free data transfer and Network Acceleration

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyReduce storage space with global deduplication and compression

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyRecover entire VMs, files, or application objects – even across platforms

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyProtect live VMs, including applications and databases

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyCopy backups offsite or to Amazon/Azure clouds

  • NAKIVO Backup & Replication Try & BuyTest recoverability instantly and automatically

NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides just the right feature set to deliver reliable data protection to your customers. You get a solution that can help reduce deployment costs, administration overhead, and complexity, allowing you to improve your margins and overall growth.

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The winner of a "Best of VMworld 2018" and the Gold Award for Data Protection, NAKIVO is a US-based corporation dedicated to developing the ultimate VM backup and site recovery solution. With 20 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth, 5-star online community reviews, 97.3% customer satisfaction with support, and more than 16,000 paid customers, NAKIVO delivers an unprecedented level of protection for VMware, Hyper-V, and Amazon EC2 environments.

As a unique feature, NAKIVO Backup & Replication runs natively on leading storage systems including QNAP, Synology, ASUSTOR, Western Digital, and NETGEAR to deliver up to 2X performance advantage. The product also offers support for high-end deduplication appliances including Dell/EMC Data Domain and NEC HYDRAstor. As one of the fastest-growing data protection software vendors in the industry, NAKIVO provides a data protection solution for major companies such as Coca-Cola, and Honda, in addition to working with over 4,400 channel partners in 140 countries worldwide.