NAKIVO Helps a Technology Company Save 40% on Backup Costs

Sonitor Technologies, a technology company from Norway, saves 40% on backup costs with NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Business Challenge

Sonitor Technologies was founded in 1997, in Oslo, Norway, with R&D and operations headquarters located in Oslo, and commercial (sales, marketing, and support) headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut. Sonitor’s patented ultrasound technology sets the standard for accurate indoor positioning. Commercially launched in 2014, Sonitor Sense has established itself as the RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) market leader in accurate and reliable indoor positioning in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities worldwide.

Sonitor is not just a hardware manufacturer, as they also create their own software products. Thus, their IT environment is a core component of the company. Sonitor has seven physical servers, with 141 virtual machines needing constant monitoring and protection. Most of the physical servers contain user files, the company’s intellectual property, and host all of the services necessary for development. All critical virtual machines must be protected with both backup and replication. If data becomes unavailable, this might cripple the company’s development process.

In the past, HosTeam relied on open-source tools and backup tools from their storage providers for data protection. The main issue was that backups required too much storage space and too much bandwidth. The previous tool only did a full backup and did not provide incremental backup. There were also random failed backup jobs, inconsistent backups, and failed recoveries. HosTeam needed a reliable VM backup solution that would provide incremental backups and consistent reporting.


Their experience made it easy for them to look at the other options available on the market. “I started to research available backup solutions that could provide us with worry-free service. After several weeks of testing, with both free and paid solutions, NAKIVO Backup & Replication was the clear winner,” Steve Cormier, Vice President of Technical and Customer Support at Sonitor Technologies.

“The deployment was super easy, the functionality was just what we needed, and the reliability seemed to be quite good. The original trial setup and deployment took the whole afternoon. The web user interface is straightforward and provides visibility into what we need from just a glance”, says Steve.

Sonitor performs a daily backup of all their critical systems. Backup jobs run at different times throughout the night and, in total, take about three hours to complete. “The simplicity of NAKIVO Backup & Replication’s setup and the product’s self-maintaining repositories makes it a great solution for us or anyone looking to eliminate the high demands of some others. I have been using the product for three years now, and I am not saying that you do not need to worry at all, but if you do have a problem, NAKIVO’s support staff gets you back on track quickly”, says Steve.


NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides Sonitor with simplicity and reliability, making the product the right fit for the company. “NAKIVO Backup & Replication just works and does not require much human intervention. We no longer spend hours on backup administration. The reporting is clear and informative, so you know where you stand without constant logins. NAKIVO’s technical support is also great, as they respond quickly and provide remote support sessions when things need a fix. Overall, NAKIVO Backup & Replication saved us 40% on backup costs in comparison to our past solution,” says Steve.

About HosTeam

Sonitor Technologies is an innovative technology company that develops revolutionary indoor positioning systems based on patented ultrasound technology. This technology can position people, equipment, and smartphones indoors accurately and reliably. The company develops, manufactures, and supplies products that can be used in hospitals, hotels, airports, restaurants, and more around the world. The technology has a vast number of use cases that can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve personal experiences and the quality of life. For more information, visit