NAKIVO Helps Non-Profit Organization Protect Healthcare Services

Solina, a non-profit healthcare organization in Switzerland, protects healthcare services with NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Business Challenge

Solina’s IT infrastructure comprises 2 sites, each with 1 physical server. Linux and Windows virtual machines run on Microsoft Hyper-V, while the remaining virtual machines are in the cloud. The organization uses two domain controllers and a small web server for the intranet. The remaining virtual machines are mainly for the technology used for the physical location, like an alarm server, a refrigeration system, a nurse call system, and so on.

For Solina, backup is a central component in their IT infrastructure. As a non-profit organization operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the ability to restore a server immediately in case of an incident is essential. If the nurse call server fails, the nursing staff will not be informed appropriately in case of an emergency – and this can have fatal consequences. If critical data becomes unavailable, the residents will not be able to receive the healthcare services that they need.

Solina protected their data and systems with another backup solution available on the market. Solina experienced problems with backing up the virtual machines for multiple years. For this reason, the organization decided to look for a backup solution that would provide ease of use, high performance, and fast recovery.


“NAKIVO Backup & Replication is easy-to-use and meets all of our requirements. The software allows us to easily edit the backup job and add another VM whenever we need. NAKIVO Backup & Replication really impressed us. The installation is simple and fast. The web user interface is easy to understand,” says Nico Schenk, Head of ICT at Solina.

“We have NAKIVO Backup & Replication installed on our NAS. This was one of the major criteria from the beginning, as we were looking exclusively for a solution that could run on NAS,” says Nico. “The integration works wonderfully and has not caused any problems so far.”

In the past, Solina experienced issues with backup and recovery jobs, as some jobs failed, and other jobs required extra monitoring. “NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides fast backups and restores. In addition, the alarm notifications are extremely helpful to see when something is going wrong. So far, we have not experienced any issues. Overall, all backup jobs finish in approximately 40 minutes, and we have backup jobs scheduled on a daily basis,” says Nico.


“We had problems with backing up the virtual machines over and over again. For this reason, we were looking for a solution that would meet our needs. We needed software that was easy to use, with reliable backup and fast recovery,” says Nico. “NAKIVO Backup & Replication runs so well that we did not require the services of technical support thus far. The solution protects our healthcare systems reliably and with much ease. Overall, NAKIVO Backup & Replication saved us not only time but also nerves.”

About Solina

Solina Foundation is the non-profit sponsor of the Solina Spiez and Solina Steffisburg facilities. The foundation provides the infrastructure and resources to offer housing, care, and support to people of all ages. Solina masters the most complex care and support situations and caters to different personalities, ages, and needs. For more information, visit