NAKIVO Helps Cloud Provider Reduce Backup Time by 30% and Accelerate New Client Deployments from 8 Hours to Just 15 Minutes

Business Challenge

Host Ventura protects more than 80 VMs running business-critical applications as well as Postgres and SQL databases. "Our previous VMware backup and replication product was inefficient and consumed both our time and our customers' time," said Tom Arentsen, a VMware Certified Design Expert and the IT Director at Host Ventura.

"First, our previous solution had a complex user interface, so it took us about eight hours on average to teach each new cloud customer. We needed a more intuitive user interface that could be learned by our new customers in 15 minutes or less. Second, the performance and reliability of backup and replication jobs had to be better to reduce the amount of time required to troubleshoot client problems. Finally, the total cost of ownership with our previous solution grew each year, causing us to disappoint our customers by passing the costs along to them. We needed a simple VM-based rental model that would be stable for us and our customers over time."


Since continuing to endure price increases and growing IT time allocations for customer training and problem resolution was impacting their cloud services business, Tom Arentsen decided to investigate other possible options. "We evaluated the leading VM data protection offerings available on the market," he said. "In our evaluation, NAKIVO Backup & Replication came out on top with the highest VM backup performance and job completion reliability, while providing a much more intuitive user interface and all this at a lower overall price point."

NAKIVO Backup & Replication delivered on Host Ventura's requirements for better performance, along with better pricing, and reduced IT time for training and troubleshooting. The product supports backing up VMs within vCloud Director and can process multiple VMs at the same time due to its multi-threaded architecture.

"Also critical for us is the ability to backup VMs within vCloud Director", said Tom Arentsen. "We liked NAKIVO's support for vCloud Director as well as the modern, web 2.0 interface that has reduced our new customer training time from 8 hours to just 15 minutes." Additionally, Host Ventura has gained the ability to extend their cloud service offering with backup to public clouds.


With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, Host Ventura can now offer more competitive prices to their SMB customers as well as enjoy higher margins utilizing NAKIVO's flexible monthly VM-based rental pricing. VM backup and replication time has been reduced by 30%, along with even greater reduction in time spent by Host Ventura on VM job troubleshooting.

Company Profile

Host Ventura is an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 hosting and cloud services provider based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with regional operating centers based in Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium. The company is led by a team of business-driven PRINCEII, ITIL, VMware and Microsoft certified (vExpert, VCDX) experts with a wealth of experience in the IT sector.

With new business coming from referrals, Host Ventura pays special attention to each and every client to help them create, build, and maintain the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure and related managed hosting solutions. The Host Ventura's business philosophy is based on designing solutions that are customizable to follow clients’ business priorities and changing requirements in order to sustain their competitive advantage.

Host Ventura is an ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 Managed Hosting Solutions and Service Management Services provider based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with services running from one of the world's main information hubs - Germany. Our regional operating centers are based in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Argentina and Poland. The company is led by business-driven PRINCEII, ITIL, and Microsoft certified experts with a wealth of experience in the IT sector. For more information, visit