Vodien Reduces Backup Costs by 40%, Backup Administration Time by 50% with NAKIVO

Vodien Internet Solutions, a leading web hosting service provider in Asia, is using NAKIVO Backup & Replication to provide data protection and recovery for its customer base, while cutting backup costs by 40% and decreasing backup administration time by 50%.

Campbell, CA, United States — March 7, 2017

NAKIVO Inc., a fast-growing software company for protecting virtualized and cloud environments, has announced today that Vodien Internet Solutions has selected NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect their VMware environment.

Vodien Internet Solutions is a leading web hosting service provider in Asia that supports over 35,000 companies and 210,000 users. Vodien provides reliable and high-performance hosting solutions such as website and email hosting, servers, colocation, security and connectivity, all backed by 24/7 super support. The company constantly innovates new and better ways to improve reliability, protection and security. Data backup is one major component of their strategy to protect their clients' trust in them.

The virtual environment at Vodien runs a variety of services, including web, e-mail, FTP, and many custom applications. "VM backup, replication, and recovery are imperative functions for our business and customers," says Au Yong Tien Chee, VP of Infrastructure at Vodien Internet Solutions. "As a part of our business continuity plan, we provide daily VM backups for our customers and ensure that a disaster recovery strategy is in place."

"Actually, we have been using a different backup solution to protect our non-VMware services for a long time, however, as we moved to the VMware platform, it was time to make a change. We wanted to find a backup solution that would correspond to our data protection strategy, as well as provide customized VM backup for different servers and satisfy specific customer requirements," says Au Yong.

Vodien discovered NAKIVO Backup & Replication, while evaluating commercially available VMware backup solutions. "In contrast to other backup solutions that we have tested, the process of installing and configuring NAKIVO Backup & Replication is the simplest one. The ease of scaling out this backup solution is also a big plus. The web interface makes configuration much faster, with less mistakes," says Au Yong.

"With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, we are able to create VM backups on demand or on schedule and store backups locally and offsite, while VM replication provides the ability to create and maintain VM copies on target ESXi hosts. NAKIVO Backup & Replication is designed to quickly and reliably back up and replicate VMware VMs, so that our customers can have 24/7 availability of their business functions," says Au Yong.

"In terms of instant VM recovery, Flash VM Boot allows to restore failed VMs in minutes, and thankfully, we only performed a couple of such recoveries. Most of the time, we have been doing instant file recovery. Both features are easy to administer and allow us to work on restorations more quickly and efficiently," says Au Yong.

"NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows us to focus on providing our managed services to our customers, while at the same time, take care of VM backup tasks. The software gives us a peace of mind, while improving our business productivity and granting greater value to our customers," says Au Yong.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides Vodien with reliable VM backup and VM replication, along with instant recovery features. "If to compare NAKIVO Backup & Replication to other non-VMware backup solutions that we have been using, NAKIVO Backup & Replication saved us approximately 50% on backup administration time because managing and administrating VM backup, replication, and recovery jobs has never been easier. Furthermore, NAKIVO Backup & Replication is priced very competitively, enabling us to provide a comprehensive backup solution to our customers, while saving approximately 40% on backup costs," says Au Yong.


About Vodien Internet Solutions

Vodien Internet Solutions is a leading web hosting service provider in Asia, that provides hosting services such as website hosting, email hosting, server hosting, web security, and domain registrations. Established since 2002, Vodien services over 35,000 companies and more than 210,000 users, across different industries around the globe. With its focus on innovative engineering and on prompt, knowledgeable customer support, Vodien is able to deliver on both mass-market hosting solutions, as well as customised managed hosting services. For more information, visit www.vodien.com.


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