Asia-Pacific International University Backs Up VMs 15X Faster with NAKIVO

Asia-Pacific International University, a private university located in Thailand, increases VM backup speed by 15X and saves VM storage space with NAKIVO Backup & Replication installed on Synology NAS.

Sparks, NV, United States – January 9, 2018

NAKIVO Inc., a fast-growing software company for protecting virtualized and cloud environments, has announced today that Asia-Pacific International University has selected NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect their VMware environment.

Asia-Pacific International University is a private university located in Thailand, which is committed to being an international, values-oriented educational community for the advancement of learning and knowledge, which develops and nurtures in its students, faculty, and staff. The IT infrastructure at the Asia-Pacific International University is virtualized and runs on VMware. With over 1,000 students, not including faculty and staff, Asia-Pacific International University needs to protect its critical IT systems and data, and also provide IT services to all the stakeholders. In addition, the university also needs to protect a proprietary information system, VMs running Windows servers and file servers.

"Before completely virtualizing our environment, we had physical servers and we were backing up those servers with a legacy server backup software. While that software was working fine at the beginning, the backup time was longer than we hoped it would be. When one server went down that was holding 100 GB of data, the recovery process took the whole night, from the evening till the morning time, and did not even finish successfully after all. We had no guarantee that we would be able to recover any of our servers in the future, unless I stayed up all night and monitored the progress of the recovery process, so we decided to invest in virtualization. When we finally virtualized our environment, we started our search for a VM backup solution that would be able to back up, replicate, and recover our VMware VMs quickly and reliably," says Edwardson A. Pedragosa Jr., Network Administrator at the Asia-Pacific International University.

With a specific budget in mind, due to being an educational institution, Asia-Pacific International University first trialed NAKIVO Backup & Replication for 30 days and after receiving the green light from the university’s Director of Information Technology, the software was purchased to protect the virtual environment. Since the university already had two Synology NAS DS3615XS servers at the premises, the additional benefit of creating a VM backup appliance by installing NAKIVO Backup & Replication on a Synology NAS was greatly appreciated.

"After installing the software on a Synology NAS, I have greatly reduced my personal time on backup administration. Due to the intuitive web interface, I schedule the jobs and just leave them and only check the notifications that I receive by email. With an all-in-one VM backup appliance, we managed to free up resources for other specific IT needs," says Edwardson.

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, file servers are now backed up every six hours, while other critical servers are backed up every hour. "We are extremely pleased with the backup speed that NAKIVO and Synology offer because some backup jobs take only seconds to complete. If to compare to our previous legacy backup solution, the speed increased by at least 15X because previously, backup for the most time-consuming server would have taken 15 minutes to finish, while now only one minute, with CBT enabled," says Edwardson.

Previously, backup was occupying a significant amount of storage space and regular checkups were required to ensure enough space was available. By switching to NAKIVO Backup & Replication, the university does not have to worry anymore about saving VM storage space, due to global data deduplication, compression, and skip swap files.

VM replication is used for one of the most critical servers at the university, which is the student information server database. "By creating a copy of the source VM on a target ESXi host, we achieved the ability to fail over from the source VM to the VM replica. With VM replication, if for any reason, the main server would go down, I can automatically power on the VM replica." says Edwardson.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication installed on Synology NAS, provides Asia-Pacific International University with a 15X improvement in VM backup speed, in comparison to their previous legacy backup software. Due to skip swap files, global data deduplication, and compression, the university can now no longer worry about increasing VM storage space. In addition, with VM replication, the university can minimize the risk of data loss and downtime by creating an exact copy of a source VM and powering it on during a disaster.

"NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a cost-effective VM backup solution that provides great features at a reasonable price. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, the university saved time, money, and gained peace of mind, while I now spend the majority of my time not on backup administration, but on other IT related tasks," says Edwardson.


About Asia-Pacific International University

Asia-Pacific International University is a private co-curricular tertiary education institution in Thailand. Asia-Pacific International University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution, where strong moral principles and a close relationship with God are encouraged. The university celebrates the diversity of faiths and respects the differences of persuasion that may be present. The institution believes in a holistic approach to life that balances mind, body, and spirit in such a way that students are fully prepared to serve the world when they finish their studies. For more information, please visit


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