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Legacy Backup and Why It Should Be Left Behind

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In a fast-growing digital world, service availability requirements are close to 24/7/365 and have the highest priority. Ensuring availability of services that meet SLAs is almost impossible without the proper level of data protection. More than a decade ago, in the era of real-server environments, legacy VMware backup solutions were popular and widely used for data protection.

In short, legacy backup solutions are outdated pieces of software that have been developed decades ago and still use agents to protect and recover VMs. This approach has its shortcomings, such as high maintenance costs, too much time spent on administration, too long, or even failed recoveries.

Some time ago, virtual and cloud platforms came to market. Almost all vendors nowadays optimize their software and hardware for using it in/with the virtual environment, and modern data centers are already completely virtualized. Many companies have come to understand that virtualization technologies mean more efficient use of resources. Even small companies realize that server resources are wasted, and fast-growing virtualization technologies can replace these physical means and help them solve the problem of limited resources. Therefore, they started to invest in cloud technologies, reliable and smart storages, and virtualization. Thus, it is only a matter of time until enterprises transform their physical infrastructures into completely virtual ones.

Legacy backup solutions can hardly cover your virtual environment backup and recovery needs, not to mention cloud technologies. However, virtualization is going to evolve, and you cannot afford to ignore the necessity of backing up your virtual data and meeting RPO and RTO. This is where legacy backup solutions are of no help.

If you still use legacy backup solutions in your production environment, this prevents you from operating your backup infrastructure effectively and efficiently. Therefore, it will be better for you to switch to some modern, feature-rich, and reliable native VM backup solution that can conform to new market requirements for virtualization and cloud. By doing this, you will get a variety of undoubted advantages, such as:

  • 50% cost reduction
  • No need for agents
  • Simplified licensing
  • Reduced administration time
  • Ensured recoverability

This is not an exhaustive list, as there are many more advantages of native backup solutions over legacy backup solutions.

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Legacy Backup and Why It Should Be Left Behind
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