Advanced Bandwidth Throttling

Set data transfer speed limits to consume less LAN/WAN bandwidth

Limit the bandwidth usage of backup

Limit the bandwidth usage of backup,
replication, and recovery jobs

Set global and individual rules

Set global and individual rules
for more granular control

Run different rules

Run different rules on different

Why Use Bandwidth Throttling?

NAKIVO Backup & Replication was designed to transfer data at the maximum available speeds for the purposes of completing VM backup, replication, and recovery jobs as quickly as possible. However, if you run data protection jobs during business hours, your LAN or WAN networks risk being overloaded. This can affect the performance of applications and degrade user experience (think of e-mails taking too long to be sent, excessive load times for websites, etc.). NAKIVO Backup & Replication addresses this issue with the flexible Advanced Bandwidth Throttling feature.

With Advanced Bandwidth Throttling, you can set limits for your data protection jobs and make sure they don’t take more bandwidth than you can afford to allocate.

How Does Advanced Bandwidth Throttling Work?

Advanced Bandwidth Throttling allows you to set global rules that limit the data transfer speeds of your backup processes. Such rules can apply to different jobs and on different schedules. For instance, you can create a global rule preventing your backup jobs from consuming more than 50 MB/s during business hours, but leave the bandwidth unrestricted for Sunday backups. You can also create bandwidth throttling rules on a per-job basis, if you want to have more granular control over the whole process. Individual limits override global rules, sparing you the need to adjust the global rule for every job.

Advanced Bandwidth Throttling in NAKIVO Backup & Replication

The Advanced Bandwidth Throttling feature of NAKIVO Backup & Replication is an effective means of optimizing backup operations and controlling your network traffic. With global and individual limits on data transfer speeds, the feature can help you ensure the performance of your business applications is never affected by backup workloads – even if you have little bandwidth to spare.