Policy-Based Data Protection

Simplify management by automating VM protection

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Set up policies to protect VMs that match policy rules

Backup Size Reduction

Save time on data protection management

Customer Satisfaction

Make sure all critical VMs are protected automatically

Manage data protection in your large infrastructure with ease

Effective and easy data protection management in fast-growing virtualized infrastructures is becoming more of a challenge each day. The number of VMs handled by IT departments is growing exponentially, making manual VM management an increasingly time-consuming and inefficient activity.

Policy-Based Data Protection is a unique functionality offered by NAKIVO Backup & Replication that simplifies data protection management in virtualized environment. The feature allows you to set up policies that regularly scan your entire infrastructure and protect VMs matching policy rules, with little to no manual input on your part.

Why Use Policy-Based Data Protection?

Policy-Based Data Protection relieves you from the need to chase new VMs or changes in your infrastructure. Once a policy is created, all the matching VMs are protected automatically. Whenever a VM’s status changes, the policy recognizes such change and excludes or adds the VM to jobs accordingly.


The Policy-Based Data Protection feature is designed to reduce complexity and add more flexibility to data protection processes such as backup, replication, or backup copy. You can set rules based on VM name, tag, size, location, VM configuration, power state, or any combination of these parameters.


A newly-created VM or instance is automatically added to data protection jobs if they match your policy rules; you don’t have to keep track of all the changes in your infrastructure or manually manage data protection for new VMs. You can add as many new VMs and instances as needed – NAKIVO Backup & Replication can automatically protect all of them for you, as long as you have policy-based jobs in place.

Time Saving

This functionality can be a great time-saver if your virtualized infrastructure is actively expanding, includes numerous VMs and instances, or has a complex multilayer architecture. The Policy-Based Data Protection feature contributes greatly to the overall usability of NAKIVO Backup & Replication, making it an even more efficient data protection tool.

How the Feature Works

Policies can be created for VM backup, replication, and backup copy jobs in just a few steps. Simply select the criteria (e.g., a VM’s name, size, tag, etc.), enter the necessary search parameters, and have all the matching items included in the job automatically. For instance, you can choose to back up all VMware VMs tagged “Accounting” exceeding 100 GB in size and having more than 2 GB of allocated RAM. Once the policy is created, NAKIVO Backup & Replication recognizes newly added VMs or instances with the same characteristics and automatically includes them in the existing job.

Policy-Based Data Protection is a unique feature designed to deliver better flexibility, simplify navigation, and save time, alleviating the burden of manual data protection management. No matter how many new VMs or instances are added or removed from your environment, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can handle their protection in an automated and highly efficient manner.