Cross-Platform Recovery

Export and recover VM backup data across platforms

Support for Windows & Linux OS

Export VM backup data for long-term archival

Recover back to source or to a custom location

Choose from VMDK, VHD, and VHDX formats

File permissions are restored

Easily recover VMs in a different environment

Protect Your Cross-Platform Virtualized Environments

For many companies, having a mixed IT infrastructure and using multiple hypervisors together with cloud platforms is inevitable. However, running a multi-platform environment means that you need to make sure that your VM backup data is protected, valid, and usable across all platforms.

The Cross-Platform Recovery feature of NAKIVO Backup & Replication addresses this challenge by letting you export VM backup data in your desired format. You can then use such data for cross-platform recovery, long-term archival, or testing.

Why Use Cross-Platform Recovery?

With Cross-Platform Recovery, you can seamlessly protect VM data across multiple platforms and virtualized environments. You can also benefit from the following other advantages:

VM Data Migration

Whether a disaster renders one of your hypervisors unavailable or you simply make a decision of switching to a single-platform virtualized environment, Cross-Platform Recovery can be of help. Export your VM backup data in the desired format and recover on a different platform without any incompatibility issues.

Long-Term VM Data Archival

The specifics of your line of business or legislative requirements may require you to store VM backups for years. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can easily export and store data offsite for as long as you need. Moreover, if your choice of virtualization software changes over time, you shouldn’t have any problems recovering from your old backups in the new environment.

Recoverability Testing

The fact that you have a backup does not mean you can recover from that backup. Cross-Platform Recovery gives you the freedom to test different scenarios of VM recoverability in multiple environments, thus helping ensure business continuity. With Cross-Platform Recovery, disaster can’t catch you off guard.

How Cross-Platform Recovery Works

Export VM data from any backup into a format of your choice in four simple steps:

  • select a VMware or Hyper-V backup
  • choose one or multiple virtual disks that you want to export
  • specify the target location and export format (VMDK, VHD, or VHDX)
  • click a button and have the data of each selected disk exported into a separate file

Once exported, the files can be used for recovery or long-term storage.

Cross-Platform Recovery allows for unrestricted data protection across different hypervisors and cloud platforms. Whether one of your hypervisors is down or you need to migrate VM data from one platform to another, Cross-Platform Recovery gives you the tools for seamless cross-platform VM data protection and recovery.