White Paper: VMware Backup Top 10 Best Practices


Learn How to Make Your VMware vSphere Data Safe and Recoverable

VMware vSphere is one of the go-to solutions for virtualizing IT infrastructures, offering businesses improved operational flexibility, simplified management and reduced overhead. However, to consistently deliver on the expectations, the virtual infrastructure still needs to be protected from accidental data deletions/modifications, ransomware and other data loss threats.

For organizations, such protection usually requires a sophisticated backup and recovery system with comprehensive data protection capabilities. This white paper outlines the best practices for VMware vSphere backup that, once in place, ensure that your data is safe and recoverable. The practices are grouped into three successive phases to facilitate implementation.


This white paper covers

  • Phase I: Data protection strategy and planning
  • Phase II: Optimizing the backup process
  • Phase III: Improving data protection efficiency


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