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Backups can be lost due to a number of reasons: accidental backup deletion, backup file corruption, disk failure, lost or stolen hardware, malicious attack, or due to some other undesired and unpredicted event. Thus, having more than one copy of your business-critical backups is vital for ensuring that your data can be recovered in case of a disaster. Having an extra copy of backups is especially important if your primary backups are stored in the same location as the production machines, as any incident in the production environment is more likely to affect your backups as well. With just one copy of backups you have a single point of failure, and a nightmare if you lose the backups along with production machines.

Backup Copy jobs provide a simple yet powerful way to create and maintain copies of your backups. Even if your primary backups become unavailable, you can still instantly recover VMs, Microsoft Exchange objects, Microsoft Active Directory objects, and files from your backup copies. Backup Copy jobs copy backups from one Backup Repository to another, without touching the source ESXi hosts or source VMs/Amazon Instances. This way your source VMs/Amazon Instances are read only once, while backups can be copied to one or multiple locations.

Protect all Backups with a Backup Copy Job

With a Backup Copy job, you can create and maintain a mirrored copy of your primary Backup Repository, which is the simplest and most reliable way to protect all your backups. Think of it as of Backup Repository replication: all backups and recovery points that appear in the Backup Repository A will be automatically sent to the Backup Repository B:

Having a mirrored copy of your primary Backup Repository provides a “set it and forget it” approach for protecting your backups – just create a Backup Copy job once and it will keep your secondary backup repository up to date with all backups and recovery points created by all jobs.

Protect Most Important Backups with a Backup Copy Job

To save storage space on your secondary Backup Repository and to speed up data transfer you can choose to create a Backup Copy job only for most important backups:

This way only the selected backups (and their recovery points) will be transferred to the secondary Backup Repository.

Protect Backups Created by Particular Backup Jobs

Backup jobs in NAKIVO Backup & Replication provide a convenient way to back up multiple VMs/Amazon EC2 Instances with the same settings. Since logical grouping is already done at the Backup job level, NAKIVO Backup & Replication enables you to create and maintain copies of backups created by particular Backup jobs:

This way you can ensure that all backup created by important Backup jobs are copied to a secondary Backup Repository.

Save Storage Space with Variable Data Compression

In addition to global data deduplication, NAKIVO Backup & Replication automatically compresses backed up data to reduce the amount of space that VM backups occupy on a storage device. By default, the compression level in new Backup Repositories is set to "Fast", so that your Backup jobs run faster. When creating a secondary Backup Repository you can set the compression level to "Best", which uses more CPU but delivers better compression levels. This way the strongest compression algorithm will be used to compress backup data, resulting in smaller backups in your secondary Backup Repository.

Copy Backups Offsite

While you can keep the copies of your backups locally, having at least one copy of your most critical backups offsite can save you from a lot of trouble in case a local disaster wipes your primary backups. The secondary Backup Repository can be placed in any location that has a connection to the Internet, because backup data can be transferred via AES 256 encrypted link, and your secondary backup repository can be encrypted as well:

Copy Backups to Amazon Cloud

Amazon provides one of the most reliable and affordable cloud services in the industry. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can use Amazon's fast, reliable, and affordable cloud to store copies of your backups.

Copy Recovery Points that You Need

Each backup can contain up to 1,000 recovery points, which are saved based on recovery point retention policy, i.e. how many recovery points you want to have and for how long you want to keep them. With Backup Copy jobs, you can choose to create a mirrored copy of each backup: all recovery points that are available in Backup Repository A will be copied to the Backup Repository B:

However, Backup and Backup Copy are different jobs, so you can set different retention policies for your primary VM backups and their copies in a different Backup Repository. This way, for example, you can store several daily VM backups onsite, and keep (archive) weekly, monthly, and yearly copies of VM backups in a secondary Backup Repository for long term storage:

Also, you can use a fast storage for a subset of backups and use a slower but more reliable storage for long term archival.

Schedule Backup Copy to Suit Your Needs

VM Backup Copy jobs have their own schedule, so you can set them up to run when it suits your needs. For example, you can set up a Backup Copy job to run every night on working days or set it up to run on weekends to send all backups made during the week to a secondary Backup Repository.

Set Up Backup Copy Your Way

Backup Copy jobs are very flexible: you can copy VM backups from multiple Backup Repositories into a single Backup Repository, or copy one backup to multiple Backup Repositories, or create a chain of backup repositories – however your data protection needs require.

Next Steps

Backup Copy jobs provide a powerful way to protect your backups and ensure that they are safe no matter what happens to production environment or primary backups. Download free trial and try the feature in your environment! Backup Copy jobs are available right out of the box, and you don’t need to deploy any special components (such as hardware or software WAN accelerators) to make it work.

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