EC2 Instanz Replikation

Even short downtime of your IT infrastructure can be costly for your company. Unavailable IT services and lost data impact employee productivity as well as revenue. Although AWS is considered to be a highly reliable cloud, there are still a number of reasons your instances could become unavailable. These include bad OS or software updates, malware, accidental data deletion, or even a natural disaster that affects an entire Amazon region. Your business should have a solution that can get your infrastructure back to a working state in a matter of minutes.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers disaster recovery for your cloud environment with AWS EC2 instance replication, which creates and maintains exact copies (replicas) of your original EC2 instances in the target region.

AWS EC2 Replication

Because the replicas are regular EC2 instances, recovering from a disaster is as simple as powering on the replicas – which is almost instant. Until they are needed, the instance replicas remain in a powered-off state – thus, you don’t need to pay for resources consumed by their operation at the DR region.

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can replicate your AWS EC2 instances from any AWS region to any AWS region. You can even replicate AWS EC2 instances across accounts – this way, if your primary account credentials were compromised and a malefactor deleted all your AWS EC2 data (which takes mere seconds), you could immediately recover by powering on instance replicas in a different account.

For each replica, you can store up to 30 recovery points. Thus, if your AWS EC2 instance was damaged and then replicated, you can simply recover to a previous state where the instance was operational.

For fast data transfer, all instance replicas are forever-incremental and transfer only changes to the target location. The product also features an application-aware mode, which ensures that data of applications and databases (such as MS Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, or SharePoint) remains consistent.