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NAKIVO: Deep-Dive sobre NAKIVO Backup & Replication para Amazon Web Services

NAKIVO sobre Amazon Web Services nos presenta varias ventajas que no podemos pasar por alto.


Nakivo: Antes de instalar

Nakivo es un software comercial de backup y replicación para respaldar máquinas virtuales situadas en entornos VMWare vSphere ESXi.

Máquinas Virtuales

Restore Nakivo VMware Virtual Machine

Después de estar probando unos días Nakivo con mi laboratorio VMware y NAS Synology, os muestro como podemos restaurar desde un fichero concreto de una máquina de la que hayamos hecho un backup, hasta la máquina completa.

Aprendiendo A Virtualizar

Backups with VMware vSphere Nakivo v6.2 in 6.5

For those who do not know, with Nakivo Backup & Replication 6.2 you can make your backups of VMs hosted on ESXi 6.5, officially not supported.


Automation using the Nakivo API

Nakivo provides full API integration into their backup suite allowing administrators and developers to create automation around the creation, modification, and removal of jobs.


Nakivo Backup and Replication: backup copy job

Backup Copy job is a feature of Nakivo Backup and Replication that allows the administrators to make a copy of existing backups to different backup repositories.

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NAKIVO Amazon Cloud Integration

NAKIVO Backup and Replication can be simply integrated with AWS to use as a a backup repository for backup jobs or for offsite copy jobs. It can also be used to schedule Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) backups and / or replication.


Nakivo Backup & Replication – Command Line Interface – Part 2

As you may read my previous post which was first part of Nakivo Backup & Replication command line interface introducing posts, you can access to the command line by different ways and run your commands. Now, we want to know, which commands are available to use?

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First look at NAKIVO Backup and Replication 6.2

If you havent decided on a backup product for you environment then NAKIVO is worth a look at, from what I can tell its very competitively priced to others on the market with a lot of the same core features.