VM Backup to Amazon Cloud

Keeping one copy of your backups in the same location as your primary virtual infrastructure is not safe, as any local incident can make both your systems and VM backups inaccessible. NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides a great way of safeguarding your business-critical data by sending backups directly to Amazon Cloud.

To protect your data, it's best to set up local VM backups and then use Backup Copy jobs to send copies of the backups to Amazon Cloud:
VM Backup to Amazon Cloud

Keeping your backups in Amazon Cloud provides a number of other benefits. First off, Amazon Cloud can instantly adapt to your needs, as there's no such thing as "not enough space" in the cloud. The moment you need more space for your VM backups, you can have it. Instead of choosing, ordering, waiting, installing, and configuring a new server or hard drives, you can just click a few times and presto!

Storing VM backups in Amazon Cloud is safer, as you'll still be able to access your data even if your local infrastructure is unavailable. Whether hit by a local disaster, fire, flood, virus, or anything else, you're safe in knowing that your backups are far away from any harm's reach.

Managing backups that go to Amazon Cloud is dramatically simpler than babysitting local backups and then sending tapes or disks offsite in the rotation. Instead of spending hours of your time on managing backups, you can use a "set it and forget it" approach with cloud backup. You can access your VM backups at any time and from anywhere. Because your data goes to the Amazon Cloud, you can use the Web interface of NAKIVO Backup & Replication to manage and monitor all aspects of data protection whenever and wherever, even from home or on the go using your tablet.

Besides, you don't need to make additional investments in hardware, power, and cooling, and this results in a lower total cost of ownership for offsite backups.

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