"We found NAKIVO and are deeply impressed by the intuitive interface, the disk space saving with deduplication and compression, and a good performance, especially over the WAN. Reporting and alerting via email are working well, too. In addition, NAKIVO is continuously developing and improving the product with patches and new features. Just after the release of vSphere 6 it was supported. Therefore we strongly recommend Nakivo for small to medium environments: It is simple, all the required features are there - and it just works."


"Have been using NAKIVO for a couple of months now and just simply blown away by its ease of use and rich functionality. NAKIVO administration can even be assigned to non-IT people, that's how easy the interface is to understand. Note that this is a web-based GUI, allowing administration tasks to be performed from diverse platforms. We have used other software in the past and find NAKIVO to be a superior product especially in terms of achievable dedupe ratios. Instant recovery/restore functionality is a huge selling point to our clients and NAKIVO does this seamlessly. Backup recovery also allows one to choose different options. So far, everyone we have demoed this to is really impressed. NAKIVO does this at a price that is very competitive."


"NAKIVO is very easy to setup, doesn't need any separate Windows management server since it can run purely as a pre-built virtual appliance and has many of the competitor features at a much more attractive price point. They have recently moved several of the features from the Enterprise version to the Pro version which now suits our current needs just fine. It has been running well for the trial and into the licensed version after we entered the purchased keys and has been smoothly running since. We have multiple offices running backups and replication jobs which are fast, globally deduped and working well. NAKIVO is continuously developing the product with patches and new features and was quick to support VSphere 6 not long after release. Anton from NAKIVO was very attentive to getting us an aggressive competitive upgrade price lower than our renewal and support answered all question in a timely manner. So far we are happy with the switch and are not looking back."


"We have been working with NAKIVO solution since June 2013 when we got the first email from NAKIVO to test their software. After few months we resell our first NAKIVO solution and the rest is history. Now as the official partner of NAKIVO we have implemented NAKIVO to different types of customers - mostly quite small environments - and yes, in Finland lots of companies trust only to their own cloud... some funny reason they want to keep their data at their own premises... NAKIVO has always worked fine and most of the problems have been storage based problems. We mainly use NAS device for storage. With NAKIVO the maintenance of many different sites is easy - one implementation is that customer has NAKIVO directory at their main office and smaller local sites have their own local VMware server(s) with NAKIVO transporter and local storage. So easy to maintain all those from a single point and so easy to make cross-over backups at weekends (remote sites have limited connectivity and some of them are located somewhere else in Europe. And one thing which is so important is the NAKIVO support. Whenever needed they have always answered very fast to solve some problems with the product - including a custom build of the software in one case. So I just wonder why to use something else when you can use NAKIVO to backup or replicate your VMware."


"We recommend NAKIVO for small to medium environments. All the required features are there, even immediate recovery from backup to production, reducing your downtime to minutes in case of a system failure. Seamless integration with vCenter, also when the vCenter is in a remote location. Nice reporting on problems, like a backup target unavailable. Alerting also via email. We were impressed by the intuitive interface. Support is good, but we have used it only once."


"In my search for an affordable (preferably free...) solution for backing up our VMWare servers, I came across NAKIVO. A test version with full functionality is available - and recommended. The functionality matrix (Product vs Function vs VMware Version(Free /Non-Free)) could be better. Questions raised to the sales contact were always answered correctly and within very reasonable time. During the test phase, we got some issues with the configuration of our setup. The possibility to create a support package makes it easy to gather all the required information. Again, the issues were escalated to the support division and resolved in a very reasonable time. I preferred to use the Virtual Appliance. You are up-and-running within minutes and no extra PC is required. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. In the meantime, some backup jobs run periodically. The software was used for migrating VM's from one VMWare server to another using the Backup and Restore function and this job was done without any issue, with a minimum of downtime for the users. I feel confident that when necessary in a case of failure, the restore will work. A nice option in the scheduler would be the "scheduled run once option". This would allow you the schedule the initial backup (which takes a lot of time and resources) overnight and afterwards schedule incremental backups. Now I can only run it manually. Some remaining issues that would be resolved in the next version: Possibility to re-run restore tasks Possibility to modify restore tasks Overall I am very pleased with the product and the service provided by NAKIVO. The required functionality was not available in the free version, but still, I think we got the best price/performance ratio for our configuration."


"NAKIVO is the only Focused Backup / Replication product for VMware. It has some excellent features at a very low price point. There is also a continuous efforts from Nakivo to keep adding features and ensure it is the leading software for VMware backup / replication. Highly recommend to try and see for yourself."


"So easy to use, but in the same way such a powerful tool ... what else to say, that the Nakivo is just simply the best!"


"We use NAKIVO to backup our customers infrastructures. We have installations with between 1 and 15 ESX hosts and it works like a charm. Installation and configuration is pretty straight forward too. The recovery process is super easy, and the scheduler and rules for keeping old backups are very flexible."


"I have been using NAKIVO Backup & Replication for a little over 3 years now. Having used different backup and replication software, I can tell you that NAKIVO is the easiest and most reliable of all three of the other solutions. Their support is quick to respond, and willing to fix any problems with the software. The backups are very fast, and I have had to restore files, and entire VM's with NAKIVO with no problems. It is quick to install and setup, and with every release they are adding more functionality to an already robust backup solution. It is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone needing to have reliable backups of their VMware infrastructure."