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What Type of a Remote Sysadmin Are You?

With only a few weeks left till 2021, we can definitely say that 2020 was the most challenging year in decades. One of the most unexpected things to come out of 2020 was remote work, including all of the good, bad and ugly that came with it. Employees had little time to adapt to remote work, but sysadmins are the unsung heroes who made that transition possible in the first place.

This holiday season we decided to appreciate those who helped the entire world work from home in 2020. This fun quiz was created to help you unwind this holiday season and find out what type of a remote sysadmin you are.

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Finish the sentence: A good system administrator must be

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 How quickly did you adapt to working from home (WFH)?

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How would you describe your WFH experience using a song by Queen?

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What was the most challenging for you as an IT administrator about transitioning to remote work?

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What have you enjoyed most about working from home?

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What is your go-to WFH outfit?

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 As we all know, a true sysadmin never rests, not even during holidays. What drink will help you get through this holiday season?

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What helps you unwind after work?

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What holiday activity would like to try out with your remote team?

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 What gift card would you like to give to your fellow sysadmin?

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