What Is Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

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The scope of downtime-related damage might seem hard to appreciate… until, that is, you measure it in cold hard cash. In a dedicated survey by ITIC (Information Technology Intelligence Consulting), 98 out of 100 companies stated that a single hour of downtime per year cost them over $100,000. For some of them (e.g., financial companies), the figure reached an astonishing $1 million. Given the upward trend observed in recent years, downtime is not going to get cheaper any time soon.

In such circumstances, it is important to take preventative measures before any damage is dealt. Most companies reduce downtime expenses through disaster recovery planning, i.e., by outlining the set of measures that will help them recover business systems in the shortest time possible and prevent loss of profits.

One of the key metrics used to develop a disaster recovery plan is Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – the amount of time a company can afford to spend on recovering its systems after a crash. An RTO must be established before the disaster recovery plan is developed, along with other key metrics, as they will define the entire DR approach.

Failing to establish an RTO or using one that does not fit your business needs could easily lead to a number of undesired consequences, including:

  • Incurring unexpectedly severe losses because of a simple power outage or other force-majeure circumstances;
  • Selecting backup software that doesn’t cover all your needs;
  • Developing an unreliable disaster recovery plan;
  • Overspending on data protection.

Download our White Paper: How to Calculate a Recovery Time Objective and Cut Downtime Costs to learn more about RTO, where it fits in disaster recovery planning, and how to calculate it for your company. The White Paper also explains the reasons you might not currently be able to achieve your RTO, and how NAKIVO Backup & Replication can help you meet the objective.

How to Calculate a Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

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